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Truck Leasing in Clifton and Passaic, NJ

White truck—Truck Rentals in Passaic and Clifton, NY
Hertz Truck Rental in Passaic and Clifton, NJ provides full service truck leasing. From start to finish we will help you through the steps of building a truck to your specifications. We always listen to our customer's needs and transform that into a truck that maximizes its utility. Throughout your lease we will maintain the truck, provide all the services necessary to operate the vehicle and eliminate the headaches you would deal with when you own your trucks. Our full service lease includes all regular maintenance parts and services for your operation including oil changes, lubrication, anti-freeze, oil filters, tires, etc. Hertz Truck Leasing provides 24 hour emergency road service 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Hertz Truck Leasing is a member of Nationalease. Nationalease is the largest independently owned full service truck leasing organization in North America, with more than 600 facilities throughout the U.S and Canada. We also provide substitute vehicles whether your truck is in for service or repairs at no additional cost. If your company needs an extra truck during your peak periods we will provide you with a truck at a substantial discount from rental rates.
What sets us aside from our competitor is we treat you like family. As part of a family run business you will be dealing with "The Boss" rather than a salesman from a large corporate entity who might be here today but gone tomorrow when you need him. You will be dealing with a 30-year veteran who understands the ins and outs of truck leasing. At Hertz of Passaic and Clifton we truly feel a successful vehicle lease program is dependent upon properly engineered equipment, the ability to provide operational services necessary to support your business, and a spirit of concern and cooperation that only comes from a family run business. You will have the best of both worlds; the service of a family owned business and the national exposure from our association with Nationalease that provides reciprocal services to its member's customers wherever your trucks run.
Please contact Andrew Kanter for a competitive proposal next time you need to purchase a new vehicle.